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IT Support & Software Development

IT Support & Consulting

Managers today must consider how their business model will be empowered by the right mix of technology, expert IT skills and ongoing support - few organizations have the freedom to address all IT questions successfully in-house.

As your trusted IT support partner, Infinity IT Success can address the vast majority of these challenges. How?

  • Our team of experienced IT consultants has the expertise to address diverse technical questions with confidence.
  • As your outsourced technology partner, we offer a level of flexibility that you can call on for support only when required
  • Infinity IT Success is Bangkok-based, with friendly consultants who will meet you and know you - not some faceless IT support automaton in a distant corner of the world

IT Outsourcing

Many companies we speak to complain how getting their IT environment right takes focus away from getting on with business. And for companies trying to manage their IT completely in-house, business risk can be significant: escalating costs, poor decisions, substandard outcomes, and loss of morale or reputation from staff, customers and partners.

IT outsourcing specialists Infinity IT Success have 20 years’ experience giving Thailand businesses the confidence that their business processes, data, and ICT assets function flawlessly. Our IT outsourcing solutions reach beyond traditional network design and network support to include all IT aspects that you need for the activities around which your business is built. We offer you IT peace of mind so you can concentrate on your core business.


Software tailor-made to your unique requirements

Every organization is unique. There are often steps in our work activities that require complex & unique software solutions.

Infinity IT Success has more than 20 years of custom software development experience across a wide range of industries, business functions and diverse technologies. With Infinity IT Success as your software development partner you can count on:

  • Proven expertise across multiple platforms
  • Covering the whole software development cycle
  • In-depth familiarization with your unique requirements and processes – we plan for your desired outcomes from day one
  • A rigorous but flexible development methodology
  • Open communication during all development stages
  • Local Bangkok-based engineers and consultants who you will find easy to work with

Software Outsourcing

When confronted with a need for a custom software development, managers are faced with many questions: do we really need software for this situation and is it feasible and affordable to introduce the solution? Is there actually a technical solution to my requirement? Which interdependencies must be considered?

With 20 years of software outsourcing experience, Infinity IT Success’ development experts excel at integrating into and building onto existing structures, develop supporting tools or interfaces between systems. Our software outsourcing projects cover a wide range of industries, business functions and diverse technologies. And if standard software would do the job for you, we will tell you and clarify your options.


About Infinity IT Success

  • 20+ Years of Experience

    Infinity IT Success has helped global companies in Thailand and worldwide focus on growing their business for more than two decades. Our know-how and expertise as an IT partner & Network Support is aimed exclusively at giving customers the freedom to get on with business – a vision which we call IT Peace of Mind.

  • IT Partner

    The long list of our 200+ customers includes small and medium size companies as well as enterprise level businesses across different industries. Infinity IT Success’ success and continuity as an IT partner of choice arises from always placing your business interests firmly at the centre of the innovative solutions and services we offer.

  • International Team

    Our multi-cultural team includes Thais as well as expats from countries as diverse as the Germany, France, UK, Israel, India, Russia and Maldives – we hire based on expertise and attitude, and consider ourselves a true international business that is deeply grounded in our Thailand location. Naturally, we can engage with customers in Thai as well as English.