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How an Interactive-Voice-Response (IVR) system boosts customer satisfaction, brand image, staff productivity, all while saving costs

IVR-girl-headset No matter whether your business is small, medium or large, how you communicate to the outside world by telephone matters to your business. Employing staff to just sit around waiting for calls is expensive and ineffective, unless you ensure the resulting calls lead to happy customers and more business. 


How to integrate mobile SIM cards into your business VoIP system in Thailand

farmer-on-the-phone Modern VoIP solutions offer fantastic mobility for your telephony because you can take your DID number and extension anywhere with an internet connection. However, many businesses and employees in Thailand still prefer to use mobile numbers.

This is because of the familiarity and habit of sharing mobile numbers and communicating by mobile phone, but there is some anecdotal evidence that many people ignore incoming landline number calls more than mobile numbers.


The 10+1 Most Compelling Reasons for Integrated HRMS

Modern integrated HR Management Solution

In today's tech-and business jargon saturated world, the term "integrated" is often employed excessively, and can mean many different things to different people. In this White Paper, 'integrated' refers to a strategic Human Resource Management software solution which covers a range of HR functions via interoperable modules and with the ability to centralize or share data.

Here are 10 + 1 reasons why integration of functions within one system should be a critical element for consideration when selecting an HR Management solution (also sometimes called a Human Resource Information System or HRIS).


Desktop, soft or mobile phone …which VoIP device is right for you?

desktop phone-02 Among the many advantages of a modern VoIP business solution is that you get a choice of devices with which to make or receive phone calls. But hard-or desktop phones have different pros & cons than soft phones. And what about mobile and smartphone options?

We find that these VoIP telephone device choices are not mutually exclusive but all generate great value in different situations and for different business applications. Here’s a rundown of your device options:


What to consider before integrating VoIP and CRM

Part 3. A close look at the benefits of application integration

CTIWhat to consider before integrating VoIP and CRM

The following point must be considered integration of CRM and VoIP is decided and implemented:

Business-Related Considerations

  • Future growth plans and the implications for people, data and communications. Deploring a system that isn't sufficiently scalable can quickly offset the financial benefits and savings of integration.
  • What are the detailed business requirements of all parties involved? Sit down with all people and departments who use or are affected by VoiP and CRM and list their desired objectives and well as their detailed feature wish list. Some vendors cleverly pressure decision-makers into buying a package that is expensive and offers too many features or not the right features.
  • Establish a budget for ongoing infrastructure upgrades. Occasionally a major deployment such as VoIP-CRM integration can out stress on the existing infrastructure, especially if neither system was in use before. This means that unforeseen repairs and upgrades will continue to be a necessity and a budget should be ready to deal with them.


5 Reasons to integrate Knowledge Management with Learning Management

archive-lmsMost businesses, especially larger ones, understand the importance of standardized procedures relating to how information and knowledge is stored and transmitted within the organization. Some even invest in technology such as corporate websites and intranets, learning management systems, or knowledge management systems.


Leveraging Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Part 2. A close look at the benefits of application integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CTICRM solutions have been an ever-increasing presence in the business technology arsenal for a while, and have recently reached new heights of popularity. CRM actually refers not only to a defined technology platform but also to a business philosophy and associated methods to understand customer wants, needs and behaviors, and to target and serve customers better, for better sales and improved retention. Providers of CRM solutions are targeting different market segments with niche-specific features and functionalities.

Today, customer relationship management software has found its way into businesses large and small, and is not reserved anymore for large international enterprises with sizable technology budgets only. Even small start-up ventures seek the benefits of the CRM approach, and therefore invest in some form of CRM technology that best meets their unique requirements.


Clarifying 8 misunderstandings about VoIP

Myths of hosted VoIP bustedOften, companies that provide business VoIP will highlight the benefits while brushing over any downsides or caveats. Further adding to the confusion are the rapid changes in technology and delivery models, which mean that knowledge that was true 3 years ago no longer applies.


Benefits of application integration - VoIP and CRM

Part 1. A close look at the benefits of application integration

The evolution of customer culture

CTI - computer telephony integrationToday's customers and consumers are indeed picky and spoiled for choice. Customer demands and expectations have diversified and expanded massively in the last ten years – and wise companies have responded by realizing the importance and potential of lead generation and customer retention, as opposed to the traditional focus on simply generating sales.

For many, it makes great business sense to enjoy long-term customer relations, and reach entirely new groups of customers through word-of-mouth endorsement of happy return customers or similar referrals. Successful businesses understand that it's not enough to just have outstanding products or services – the entire sales experience, before, during and after closing the sale must be equally outstanding.

In this paper we take a close look at changing customer expectations and behaviors. We also look at two critical technologies, VoiP and CRM, which have the power to improve the customer experience enormously, and can be a source of differentiation for smart businesses. We then look at the benefits and challenges of integrating these technologies and how to get the most out of what is called "application integration" or "computer telephony integration" or CTI.


10 VoIP features that small businesses love

Call Center ServiceMost VoIP solutions include features that give small business a big business advantage. Yet, many aren’t aware of these powerful functionalities. Check out this list to ensure you get the most bang for your buck


The Powerful Integration Potential of VoIP and CRM

Dynamic Duo - The Powerful Integration Potential of VoIP and CRM

CRM-VoIPThe year is 2015 – and businesses all over the world are flocking to make the switch from traditional analog landline phone systems to Voice-over-IP (VoIP), also known as internet telephony. Why? Because IP telephony reduces the costs and increases the ease of phone communications significantly ... even when the most high-end internet telephony providers are commissioned to provide the service. Apart from costs and call quality, Voice-over-IP offers huge improvements in mobility, scalability and reliability. The results: gains in business process improvements and  productivity that translate directly into revenue increases.

But the potential to leverage Voice-over-IP does not stop there: when combined with customer relationship management (CRM) software, increases in productivity and revenue can go further still. CRM enables an organization to record, access, analyse and report on customer information for powerful benefits that allow more effective targeting, a smoother customer experience, increased customer satisfaction and hence more success with not only closing sales but retaining customers for the long-term.


5 Compelling Reasons why Businesses should consider a Learning Management System (LMS)

Training and LMSA Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that enables organizations including business and academic institutions to organize & deliver training & development content via a centralized electronic platform. An LMS simplifies otherwise often complex and messy training environments and allows trainers to both develop and deliver training content via user-defined processes. And LMS furthermore enables both trainers, managers and HR professionals to monitor participation and performance.


Web Marketing - Digital Revolution Changes Sales Game

The Radically Changed Landscape of B2B Marketing - Web Marketing

B2B MarketingWhat the future holds for B2B marketing – some strong clues from the present.

Marketing paradigms and realities are evolving at great speeds - keeping both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketers on their toes. Not long ago did they operate in a reality where businesses produced products and services, marketers created and sent messages, consumers received these messages, and hopefully were moved to consume and create sales from this linear process.

Looking at how these players engage today we see a radically changed landscape of roles and interactions: today customers also get involved in the creating of online marketing content and contributions, and interactions between businesses and customers go both ways, through channels that are completely new and weren't there before.


How VoIP Revolutionizes the Customer Experience

Old callcenterIt’s 2016. The global market place is ever more competitive, and constant change demands strategies that pre-empt, as well as thrive on, change. Privileged with endless consumption and investment options, and fueled by instant, real-time information, customers demand a personalized experience, delivered with maximum convenience, through all the available channels. The importance of living up to these expectations is more critical than ever for customer retention and business success. Organizations that master the art of creating a great customer experience generate client loyalty and generate word-of-mouth referral business.


Google's Response to Responsive Design (RWD)

What is a Responsive Design (RWD) and why do I need it?

Google-mobileToday, mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets are being adopted at ever-growing rates, have now overtaken desktop PCs and laptops the preferred medium for accessing the internet, and are thus the major cause of declining PC sales.

To serve this important segment in your website visitors, it's imperative that your website is designed for a flawless mobile experience in mind, as well as for those accessing it from a desktop PC or laptop. Responsive design is the design approach that makes the experience across multiple platforms possible.


Desktop phone vs soft phone – some important considerations

Desktop vs Soft phoneEver asked someone whether the desk top phone was still relevant today? Depending on who you address the question to (e.g. analysts, technology commentators, business people…), you will get answers that really depend on what that person is selling or what they prefer to use themselves. You will also notice how a coherent argument can be made for either side. In our view, this means that both desktop phone and softphone are still very much in needed in the modern communications chain.


Email Security Lessons

Learn why Email Security is so important - Lessons from the Sony Hack

sony-hackedDigital communication, no matter in which format or on which platform, can be easily infiltrated and compromised. For another recent example we need look no further than the Sony hack. Not just data such as passwords, or bank and social security numbers are at risk these days, but all electronic conversations and communications, whether business or private - these conversations, conducted under the presumption of confidentiality, are then used by third parties to attack the reputations of the individuals and organizations involved.


Why CRM and Email should live under one roof – not in separate applications

Email CRM wallThere are dozens, even hundreds, of software applications now on the market that help manage customer relationships. Especially since the explosive growth of cloud-based and software-as-a-service (SaaS) models we have seen the large established CRM brands joined by countless new CRM solutions, all trying to capture a part of a hotly contested market.

Some specialize in particular industries, others offer high degrees specialization in specific functions and business processes, yet others again lure companies with flexible pricing models, plug-ins, support communities, custom developments or integration with other systems such as ERP, social media, e-commerce, channel marketing etc…


Benefits of LMS

LMS ThailandPart 3 - Benefits of LMS

Managing knowledge and learning in the modern organization – what to look out for when choosing an LMS - and the significant benefits that can be gained.


Case Study - Mackay selects SoftControl VoIP for market expansion


With a proud history of nearly 90 years, Mackay Consolidated Industries is a major supplier of a diverse range of engineered rubber and bonded metal/rubber composite products for the automotive, defense, transport, construction and industrial markets.

Mackay decided for a SoftControl VoIP Telephony-Software-as-a-Service (TSaaS). In addition, the company commissioned SoftControl to set up all IT infrastructure and provide ongoing network support and maintenance for their Amata City manufacturing site.


How to Choose the Right Learning Management Software

Part 2 - Managing Knowledge & Learning in The Modern Organization

A large majority of IT projects fail

lms-providerThere are hundreds of studies analyzing the successes and failures of IT projects both inside and outside of Thailand, and nearly all of them show that the vast majority of projects will not meet their objectives and cannot be considered successful. What’s more, the reasons for these failures are also remarkably familiar, have not changed over the last decades and cover the usual suspects: insufficient analysis, planning and stakeholder involvement and communication as well as an inability to bridge the gap between business- , user- and technical requirements all contribute to poor technical and business performance of IT projects.


Case Study - Thunder Oilfield adopts SoftControl VoIP solution

Thunder Oilfield

Thunder Oilfield Services provides customized offshore crane management services to clients in the oil & gas industry. The company currently operates out of two facilities strategically located near industry critical hubs in Chonburi-Sattahip (head office) and Songkhla. The company is in the process of opening a Bangkok office, and has plans for expansion to Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Thunder’s employees also operate on client sites and other remote locations in the field. Being in a position to communicate over the phone easily & reliably, no matter where, is now a critical success factor to the business.

As the quality and capabilities of the company’s existing analog PBX phone system was no longer satisfactory, Thunder asked their network administrator to identify an affordable VoiP solution that would allow high quality calls between phones in an office, between facilities and of course with the outside world. The company then turned to Bangkok IT & VoIP specialist SoftControl to advise on and deliver a best fit IP phone solution to Thunder.


Common Challanges of LMS and KMS

Managing Knowledge & Learning in The Modern Organization. Part 1 - The Common Challanges

LMS-ThailandIn the competitive knowledge economy, people are an organization’s biggest asset. Why? Because, by and large, knowledge is held primary by people, and it is knowledge, and the application of knowledge, that is the source of competitive advantage. In the 1950’s Peter Drucker famously stated that “information only becomes knowledge in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it”. Taking these insights and assumptions serious means that companies in pursuit of competitive advantage must:


Future Entrepreneurs Will Require Open Technologies

open-source-iconThere is now an abundance of well-known and successful technological platforms that allow entrepreneurs to get started with radically reduced barriers: Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, Google Search, mobile devices in combination with pervasive wireless internet access, and, of course, Facebook.

Generative vs sterile platforms

Many of these tools and platforms can be labeled "generative": they foster continued and ongoing innovation, because of their easy-access, open-to-anyone and wide-reaching and character, and their ability to be extended easily. Similar to the first PCs, Amazon Web Services is an open-ended platform with hardly any limitations. For example, one can pay for a virtual server instantly by credit card, and then set it up to use in any way you like, with bountiful innovative, creative and entrepreneurial possibilities.


Hosted VoIP Versus On-Site IP PBX in Thailand


Compare Hosted and On-Site IP PBX for Your Business Telephony in Thailand

Wevoip-icon-100 live in the day and age of fast-speed internet access. Considering how the internet has taken over traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ domains as diverse as travel, banking, data storage and even luxury goods shopping (providing these services safely, with great convenience and often much cheaper), it’s surprising that businesses large and small are only now making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems in large numbers.

Why? Because of VoIP’s reputation for a more flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective substitute for traditional analog phone systems.

Those who consider installing a VoIP phone system in their organization or business need to consider, two options:

  • Hosted VoIP and
  • On-site IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange).


9 Key Considerations for Choosing a VoIP Phone Service Provider

Press 9 before you select a VoIP phone provider

Phone1921It’s 2015 – and the trend towards VoIP phone systems is accelerating strongly. While the benefits are strong and clear to understand, at all levels of the organization, the question remains: how do we select the system that is just right for us?

Let’s first look at two main paths business can take: on-site VoIP or hosted managed VoIP. To understand which is the best choice for your organization, we have whittled it down to 9 basic questions:

  1. Are you growing or scaling back?
  2. Are you dependent on phones?
  3. Do you operate across multiple locations?
  4. Do you need advanced phone features?
  5. Do you have the time, skills and resources to manage a phone system yourself?
  6. Do you need your phone system to generate revenue?
  7. Does your staff need to be mobile?
  8. Do you generally thrive on the latest technology?
  9. How do find the most appropriate VoIP provider?


ICT Solutions for Call & Contact Centers

Contact centers are confronted with significantly changed circumstances. These contacts centers have much greater responsibility towards company success and therefore have to constantly improve how efficiently and smart they operate. This is driven by social media, by the rise of multi-channel retailing and customer touch points, and by the imperative to really understand customer behavior deeply. Customer service as a key element in building competitive advantage now plays a significant role at all times.