In a world where customers expect to be care about and treated at an individual, personal level, to be instantly gratified and empowered to get what they want and in the way they want it, without having to waste time searching, checking and comparing, CRM plays an ever more essential role.

So imagine if the customer-centric features of CRM were to be combined with the power of a modern VoIP system, the potential to deliver the most delightful and powerful customer experience becomes a reality.

In reality, not all IP telephony systems offer application integration features, so it's important to do in-depth research to find the right match of business process improvement requirements and features.

Application integration – the marriage of CRM and VoIP

Integrating CRM and VoIP is called application integration. This is usually offered by the vendor or some other expert integrator. The intended objective of this integration must always a significant increase in customer service and overall customer satisfaction over the phone. We all have experienced the hassles frustrations and inconveniences of typical customer service phone calls, both as customers or on the other end as customer representatives. Application integration offers to do away with these challenges.

CRM-VIOP-integrationBy combining the features of both into one streamlined, convenient user interface, marrying VoIP and CRM results in swifter, more meaningful and more powerful phone engagements with customers.

This marriage of systems allows stronger and more value-generating connections with customers over the phone by streamlining both systems into one convenient interface. Creating an individually attuned, pleasant and effective customer experience then becomes very easy.

Here is an example: When a customer phones, a pop-up appears on the customer representative's screen. This window displays a selection of the calling customer's data relevant to the call, seamlessly extracted from the CRM database. This information could include, for example, the name, contact numbers, address information, customer number, unresolved and resolved issues and other service or contact histories, or any other data important to make the conversation as efficient and pleasant as possible.

After completing the call the customer rep or call centre staff can then record all relevant information from the exchange back into the combined Voice-over-IP and customer relationship management system, so that everyone who has subsequent contacts with the customer will have up-to-date information at their fingertips. Among many other benefits, this makes the conversation more pleasant and allows the parties to get straight to the point, instead of wasting time again and again with a repeat of information identification or re-stating what happened in previous encounters.

The Key Benefits of VoIP and CRM

  • Customer service & support representatives, or call centre staff can take and make more customer calls
  • Phone call quality increases – despite the increased call count
  • Phone calls can be much more personalized
  • Reduced clicks and call up menus leads to improved productivity
  • Easier connection of customer calls to the right person
  • Increased mobility – allows staff for example to take calls while travelling or at home
  • Reduced data entry cycle
  • Nominal charges only as all communication is now over the internet
  • Easily scalable
  • Call recording can be used for training and quality control – recordings directly accessible in the customer's CRM entry. Voice and data information stored in the same database

Data crunching and efficient communication are the two mainstays of customer retention and business growth. Fast and clear communication, automated work flows and relevant information at the right time are the foundation of sustainable customer relationships. When done right, the application integration of VoIP and CRM delivers gains in productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue. In a world increasing customer demands and heavy competition for customer excellence and customer retention, the promise of leveraging and integrating these two technologies must not be ignored.

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