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Customer service is where lasting relationships are won (or lost)

Customer service is one those areas where long-term relationships are forged, lasting reputations crafted and competitive advantage built. For some businesses, customer service is at the very core of their business model. For others, it’s a support function which nevertheless carries great opportunities as well as great risk. In today’s world of electronic communication and social media exposure, customer service blunders can quickly escalate and cost a company fortunes in goodwill, reputation as well as in hard cash.

In addition to these outward-facing, customer experience dynamics, customer support, like any other process or administrative function, has the potential to be internally managed in a way increases productivity, efficiency, transparency and staff satisfaction, while reducing waste, costs, confusion and management or supervisor interventions. Or the opposite.

Today, the complexities and challenges of providing effective customer service, that is processing customer service & support requests via a ticketing system, can be managed with modern help desk and ticket system software. Let us introduce you to one of the world’s most popular help desk applications…

Simple, easy-to-use, and with powerful features

SoftControl’s help desk software TicketControl is a cutting-edge support ticket system that will make both your customers and your staff happy. It has been designed to streamline the customer service function, provide centralized and transparent control of the process to multiple support and management staff, and to drastically improve the customer experience.

TicketControl is used by thousands of organizations in more than 170 countries, across many industries. It’s TicketControl’s open-source nature which makes it such a powerful tool to be tailored to different customer service environments and industries. The system is renowned for its quick and easy configuration and its intuitive usability. With usability, affordability and straightforward fair pricing in mind, TicketControl’s powerful inbuilt features have been trimmed down and streamlined to only those that are really needed and that provide tangible benefits.

TicketControl’s enabling features& tools

The following are TicketControl’s powerful key features:

Web-based customer support platform. Through its web-based support platform and API, TicketControl allows customers to submit their help tickets via email and web forms - and your ticket system can easily be integrated with tickets coming over the phone or fax too.

Custom Fields. You can customize the ticket submission information you collect from users in order to get straight to the problem or issue. You can create custom data lists for each ticket or for pre-defined help topics so that customers can choose from a list from when they create the ticket. Everything can be configured to best meet your process and business needs.

Rich Text HTML. TicketControl allows for rich text markup in all customer service staff replies and notes posted to the ticket thread. Create auto-response templates that contain rich text, pictures or videos – this allows you to brand your help desk, for example with your logo, or improve communication with screenshots.

Ticket Filters. Define rules to route incoming help tickets to the right staff or departments, and to trigger actions. The filter system enables automation, creation and routing of tickets and the set-up of automatic actions (for example ticket rejection, department assignment or auto-responses).

Help Topics. You can configure your own help topics for web tickets and route support inquiries without revealing internal departments or priorities. Tickets can thus be configured for faster response times by automatically channeling them to the correct departments.

Agent Collision Avoidance. Avoid conflicting or multiple staff responses with a ticket locking mechanism.  Set the amount of time the lock remains on a ticket, during which time other staff cannot respond.

Assign and Transfer. To ensure tickets are being handled by the correct staff, TicketControl can transfer tickets between departments and auto-assign tickets to specific staff members or a team.

Auto-Responder. Set up configurable automatic replies which are sent out when a new ticket is opened or a message is received. Responses can automatically insert information from the ticket to personalize the email.

Internal Notes. Internal notes and activity logs let you see events or actions that have been taken, when they took place, and by which staff or department.

Service Level Agreements. The setting up of service level agreement plans let you to track tickets and due dates without hassle or delays. You will receive overdue alerts and notices on due dates, missed dates and priority escalation. Create an unlimited number of service level agreements and assign them to help topics, departments or ticket filters.

Customer Portal. TicketControl empowers you to archive all support requests and responses online. Users can login using email and ticket ID. No user account or registration required to submit a ticket.

Dashboard Reports. For management control, evaluation and planning, you can set up reports such as system overview and basic historical statistics on tickets count and status per department, staff and help topics. The management dashboard gives you an immediate view of the performance and functionality of your help desk.