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Critical business processes – controlled and empowered by software

Control of your business processes is central to the successful operation of your business. Sales, customer service, marketing, human resources, accounting… these critical processes must be efficient, precise, transparent, user-friendly and goal-oriented.

Over the last decades software solutions for business process management have revolutionized the speed and ease with which we manage these processes. Also, the ability to capture, manipulate and report on process data allows even more precise control, enables business process improvement and makes life for managers and their staff much easier.

A new generation of software is revolutionizing the way we think of business process management

In the past though many of these software products were expensive and had limited flexibility. During implementation, usually a business consultant would provide additional charged services redesigning existing business processes to align with the software’s rigid structures. All in the name of ‘business process improvement’, often a euphemism meaning a less-than-ideal, inflexible solution.

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, competitive organizations require smart business software solutions that are flexible, full of features, integrate tightly into other company systems, upgrade seamlessly and align with business processes. And with realistic pricing structures that reflect a business small-, medium or large enterprise budget dynamics.

Technological innovation in recent years has seen business software advance to meet these requirements – and SoftControl has selected those solutions for our customers that are creating a genuine revolution in the market-place.

SoftControl’s suite of applications aligns flexibly to your processes

At Softcontrol we offer a wide range of proven & innovative business process management solutions: technologies that are elegant, easy-to-use, and highly customizable. Full of powerful and industry-focused features and functionalities. With social collaboration tools, superior mobility, and intuitive user interfaces. We have selected those solutions that have been proven to power your business processes, drive innovation and increase competitiveness.

With all software projects, regardless of their nature, we first have a SoftControl software business consultant examine your both processes and your specific needs and circumstances. If business process improvement is found to offer significant gains, you can be assured that our software will adapt to your requirements, not the other way around. It is important that we understand the relationship of your business goals to your business process goals: this way the system we propose can be customized to help attain these goals, with less effort and improved effectiveness.

We understand that the context around your processes can change, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly - SoftControl’s business process management applications have the inherent flexibility to be swiftly recustomised by a SoftControl business consultant if and when your situation changes.

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ERControl – one business demand, one solution at a time, if and when you need it. All under one flexible & integrated roof.
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HR & Recruitment Management System.
Introducing HRControl – empowering HR managers for workforce success.
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Learning & Knowledge Management Solution.
TIMControl – your centralized learning & knowledge repository. A foundation for innovation, performance and competitive advantage.
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Enterprise Content Management.
FileControl – our powerful collaboration alternative to SharePoint.
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
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Private Cloud & Backup Computer.
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Help Desk & Ticket System.
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Documents Archiving & Management.
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