Document Management

File- and document management and archiving for the digital age


The perils of the paper-based office

In the past, the dictatorship of the paper-based office was at best a complicated document management or file management jumble, with tedious manual steps involving numbering, management sign-offs and physical storage, and at worst a costly mess of overflowing desks and misplaced invoices. But even if misplaced or delayed critical business documents such as invoices, quotations, contracts or financial statements were never really acceptable, in today’s fast-paced, competitive and compliance-driven marketplace poor document management is no longer acceptable and poses significant business risk.  

Today, information is a vital fuel to the business engine.  The sound management of information is thus critical to business performance and should be considered a strategic opportunity for every knowledge-based business. With the countless exchanges and transactions conducted in your organization, it’s vital to have a rigorous document management process in place for creating, filing, retrieving and sharing valuable information.

Organizations that embrace a smart document solution will derive significant benefits through increased productivity, improved efficiency and cost savings flowing straight through to the bottom-line. And professional and timely document management also positively affects the reputation of your organization, stakeholder relations and customer goodwill.

Less paper & increased productivity

SoftControl’s document management & document archiving solutions are packed full of powerful features to leverage your document processes for enhanced workflows, improved productivity and powerful control of critical business information. We help you implement innovative processes to help you better manage your information. The benefits of introducing a modern document management application into your organization right are compelling:

Increased productivity: your staff will be equipped to respond and complete work activities faster and more accurately when they have quick access to the required information, when they need it. The results are faster turnaround times, higher transaction volumes, and improved profit margins.

Improved efficiency:  Our document management solutions helps you to streamline and optimize information processes digitally.  This normally means that inefficiencies can be eliminated by large percentages. Moreover, errors, discrepancies and redundancies can be eliminated with better and more precise audit trails and reporting.

Cost savings: Process automation means that processes require less staff time and effort. Your employees can be directed towards more productive activities - money saved that goes straight to the bottom line.

Control: Knowing what information exists in the organization, finding and accessing important information, separating critical from non-critical data, having peace of mind that information flows correctly and uninterrupted – these benefits are crucial for organizations that want to derive competitive advantage from knowledge.

DocControl & ArcControl: SoftControl’s comprehensive document management

SoftControl offers two powerful document management solutions, each of which addresses a different document management need. If required, the two solutions can be seamlessly integrated into one another:

DocControl is powerful, intuitive, web-based and highly customizable document circulation application. Its primary function is to give control of complex document circulation and approval workflows with multiple users who get notified by email and can complete their tasks directly in the email client. Read More about DocControl.

ArcControl is a complete document archiving and storage solution. It reduces or eliminates paper-based archiving and storage needs, creates a powerful structure & process for electronic data storage, search, retrieval, sharing, version control & user history, and therefore puts the organization back in control of its critical information. Read More about ArcControl.

SoftControl’s other document management solutions

SoftControl offers a range of other tools and solutions to empower your business’s use and management of documents:

  • GFI FaxMakerReduce costs with GFI’s fax server
  • GFI MailArchiverEmail archiving software for small and medium-size businesses
  • GFI MAX MailArchiveHosted services for IT support companies and MSPs
  • GFI BackUpEasy-to-use backup software with effortless restore
  • CA ARCserve Backup.  CA ARCserve Backup delivers industry-leading, enterprise-class data protection for a wide range of operating environments

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