Document Archiving

Managing critical data isn’t just a storage question


Critical business information resides in documents, both in print and in electronic format. Organizations keep more data than ever, for lots of reasons, including compliance, competitive advantage or simply because they haven’t found a way to get on top of the sprawl of data and information.

As electronic storage capacity has multiplied, and the costs of storing large amounts of electronic data have come down, organizations have simply added more storage space to deal with the growing document and information jungle. But storage is only a small part of the challenge of managing large amounts of data and information.

But the real costs, risks and opportunities related to information management are not primarily related to storage capacity. In an age where the management of critical information and data processes has implications for compliance, governance and competitiveness, this information must be managed so that it can serve a purpose. Data that lacks context is useless.

To start, ask yourself these questions:

  • What data exists?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Why is it stored?
  • Where is stored?

In many organizations management and the IT department have trouble answering some or all of these questions.

The benefits of a modern document archiving solution

Many work processes today are oriented around the management of a document lifecycle. For the process to function, we need to control user access to a document, know who is working and who has worked on a document, which stages and versions it has gone through, where it is stored, and that it is secure.  This is where modern archiving software comes in.

Document management & document archiving software not only helps employees to work more efficiently and to collaborate, it also ensures compliance with policies, legislation and quality control directives. Furthermore it reduces the costs associated with the physical storage of printed materials as well electronic storage of digital files. It also often helps bring your backup window back to a manageable level. A well-considered and capable document archiving solution will put IT and the organization back in control of your data.

ArcControl - your powerful document archiving and document management solution

ArcControl is a mature and scalable open source application which turns any server (on premise, NAS, cloud IaaS or PaaS) instantly into a file sharing platform for your business. It is a powerful alternative solution to SaaS Boxes and Drives, with significantly more control, safety and privacy.

ArcControl is designed to provide enterprise grade security and control. For users, this solution is as easy and intuitive to use as other consumer software.  For system administrators, it is easy to install and connects at once to your existing employee directories.

Simple, Elegant, Quick

  • Web-based app: access your docs from anywhere, from any browser
  • Easy drag and drop files to archive
  • Previews for most common formats (audio, video, PDF, Office Documents)
  • Native mobile applications for iOS and Android - WebDAV server embedded
  • Lucene indexation for quick search

The ultimate document sharing system

  • Share files or folders as web-links with internal or external users
  • Create public mini-sites and work spaces to publish document lists
  • Alerts and notifications when a file or folder is accessed or modified
  • All your shares files & folders at a glance

Powerful admin functions

  • Put your data in orbit in seconds: no data migration is necessary as the standard access driver is your usual file system
  • Security & privacy with user access management
  • Monitor users activities in real-time
  • ArcControl is security-certified by security experts, and regularly audited: any potential vulnerability will be immediately patched
  • Users & groups can be mapped directly from an LDAP/AD, or from the most common PHP-based Content Management Systems
  • Module-based structure: access existing data sources (FileSystem, (s)FTP, S3, etc), or develop your own plugins


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