Document Circulation

DocControl - for Document Circulation Peace of Mind


Controlling the flow of documents is a critical business activity

Information in document form drives nearly all actions and decisions in any organization. Managing and controlling the flow of documents through the organization is therefore a critical element in enabling sound decision-making, agility & speed, as well as various forms of compliance and collaboration.

For many organizations well-managed document control and document workflow can be matter of business success or failure - especially those organizations where regulatory compliance or quality control & assurance (for example to apply ISO standards) are critical success factors. Other organizations may hope to automate complex workflow processes and aim for better efficiency and employee productivity, thus leading to competitive advantage.

There are countless forms of document circulation processes that require inputs, reviews, updates, comments, approvals/sign-offs or other forms of actions or acknowledgements from different parties or people. These processes aren’t always linear and sometimes involve parallel, circular or other non-linear and multi-stakeholder processes.

Paper-based vs. electronic document control

In the days of the paper-based office this meant complex paper-trails with endless checklists and logs, and admin staff dedicated to painstakingly ensuring the rules & requirements of the system were adhered to. The storing, retrieval and archiving of paper documents also posed significant challenges, risks and costs.

While the arrival of electronic documents (Word, Excel, pdf-files etc…), and electronic communication such as email, has made the distribution of documents easier, this has created a whole new set of challenges relating to version control, user rights, document access, tracing, multiple copies, visibility, levels of urgency etc..

A modern document management & circulation application deals with most of the common challenges and enables the organization to efficiently, securely and transparently validate and manage the circulation of documents in user-friendly & innovative ways.

DocControl is just such an application.

Welcome to DocControl – our powerful document circulation solution

DocControl is SoftControl’s powerful, easy-to-use, fully developed yet highly customizable document circulation system. It has the potential to revolutionize how you manage and circulate documents electronically – allowing you to set up the application to meet exactly your required document management needs.

Among the many uses and possibilities of DocControl is the ability to audit document histories, monitor workflow processes, users and security, delegate tasks, email approval alerts and seamlessly enter paper and electronic documents into the workflow process.

How about these powerful business benefits:

ü  Increased document control and security

ü  Better and easier collaboration

ü  Lower document management costs

ü  Enhanced timeliness, efficiency and productivity

ü  Built-in regulatory or ISO compliance

ü  Much reduced dependency on emails

ü  More consistent content

ü  Peace of mind backup

Main features of DocControl

This list is just an overview of DocControl’s key features. One of the great advantages of this application is that it can easily be customized to meet exactly the requirements of your business and document control needs.

  • Intuitive, web-based user interface
  • Fast setup and installation on server
  • Custom data filed creation
  • Custom document template creation
  • Fully fledged document circulation workflow creation
  • Supports custom SLA integration
  • Custom email notification templates
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Individual personal to-do list
  • Document and circulation archive
  • Document versioning and circulation history
  • Integration of workflow documents in e-mail message
  • Supports different workflow "mailings lists"
  • Unlimited amount of sender, fields, slots, receiver...
  • Workflows can attach data and files
  • OS-independent through the usage of flexible technology
  • Flexible user management with substitutes

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