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People & knowledge - an organization’s primary source of competitive advantage

People are an organizations’ most significant asset and offer one the biggest opportunities for competitive advantage and innovation. In a globalized world where the competitive playing field has been leveled in many areas such as technology and location, leveraging the knowledge inherent in a business and its people through smart human resource planning continues to be the key driver of success. CEOs from organizations large and small regularly list the attraction, development and retention of skilled staff as a top strategic priority.


Getting value from people

In order to get value out of people, we must ensure that we recruit employees with the right experience and skills, and then empower them do well through effective knowledge acquisition, skills training and continuous people management. We must safeguard that they do well in their jobs, in a rewarding and satisfying environment, so that they don’t leave the organization again.

Human Resource Management professionals play a major role in creating the frameworks in which employees and their managers can succeed. Access to accurate information and reports on workforce-related matters is key to successful human resource planning…and yet, many organizations and HR professionals struggle to coordinate the many different tools and databases, spreadsheets and paper-based systems, failing to provide timely, meaningful and actionable workforce insights.

SoftControl’s HRControl is a modern solution for Human Resource Management that meets these challenges head on, in an easy-to-use and modular system for the 21st century HR professional.


Gettin value from knowledge & learning

In order to get value of company and employee knowledge, we must ensure that knowledge doesn’t evaporate when someone leaves their role. Knowledge must be converted into a form that is easily accessible, shared, developed, and can be used for learning and skills development.

Yet here too, companies struggle to effectively manage staff turnover, employee training, succession planning and leverage the company’s knowledge into competitive advantage. Many make use of ineffective, inconsistent & costly training programs that vary and depend on the department, location or trainer involved. Managers suffer from a lack of understanding where exactly critical information resides and how it can be accessed. Organizations continuously acquire knowledge, lose knowledge and re-quire it again in vicious and costly cycles.

HRControl offers comprehensive control for your human resource planning


HRControl offers an easy-to-use, modularized and centrally administered Human Resource Management system that meets the needs of modern HR environment.

Drive and optimize all your workforce-related managerial decisions with ‘single-source-of-truth’ data entry & collection, intuitive interfaces, and powerful reporting, visibly aligned to your business goals, processes and procedures.


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TIMControl LMS for your knowledge management 'Peace of Mind'

TIMControl General Introduction

TIMControl is a centralized Learning Management System that is suited for modern organizations, easy-to-use and easy-to customize.

It is widely used by leading enterprises around the world. Our Learning Management System allows employee and company knowledge to be captured, structured and easily made available for multiple forms of teaching, learning, collaboration, managerial reporting and strategic decision-making.


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