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Your HR Strategy - without easy access to accurate workforce information, it won’t even leave the ground

The people in your organization are probably one of the most significant sources of competitive advantage, especially in today’s talent-and knowledge based business environment. Attracting, retaining and developing the right people to grow your business is key to staying competitive. 

This means the success of your Human Resource Management (HRM) strategy is dependent on being in control of a wide range of employee-related matters. From recruiting management, payroll, performance evaluation, benefits, sick leave and annual leave administration, succession planning, to high level reporting such as full-time and contingent employee headcounts, employee turnover, salary breakdowns etc… the many types of data and processes HR staff need to record, process, manage and analyze can be daunting.

But without comprehensive, easily accessed and accurate information about an organization’s workforce, the decisions and actions on which HR strategy depends on remain elusive to managers and decision-makers. Furthermore, when real-time and actionable workforce insights aren’t readily available, aligning workforce decisions with company goals becomes even more difficult.

Why traditional Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) don't deliver

And yet, despite the business critical nature of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS, also known as a Human Resource Management System or HRMS), many HR legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that are not only technically dated but were also never meant for use by non-technical HR professionals and managers today still use a variety of disparate tools and databases, Excel spreadsheets or even paper-based systems to administer employee information.

Many are based on legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that are not only technically dated but were also never meant for use by non-technical HR professionals and managers. Neither were they designed to generate workforce insights, drive strategic decision-making or implement consistent HRM policies and procedures relevant in the 21st century.  The consequences are that many tasks such as data entry, report generation, or system enhancements tend to be not only laborious, costly and difficult but also fail to generate the timely, accurate and actionable information that is needed workforce success.

HRControl offers comprehensive control of your human resource environment

Fortunately advances in technology and a growing understanding of the unprecedented competitive opportunity and business benefits of a modern HRIS have led to the development of comprehensive HRM systems and solutions. Softcontrol is proud to offer HRControl, our powerful, highly customizable and unified Human Resource Management System, which address the limitations and weaknesses of traditional HRM Systems and addre

HRControl by SoftControl

sses the strategic requirements of the modern workforce manager.

HRControl offers an easy-to-use, modularized and centrally administered HRMS that meets the needs of modern HR environment.   Drive and optimize all your workforce-related managerial decisions with ‘single-source-of-truth’ data entry & collection, intuitive interfaces, and powerful reporting, visibly aligned to your business goals, processes and procedures.

The following are only a few of HRControl’s powerful modules:

  • Personnel Information Management (PIM). Maintain employee records such as employee profiles and job history with ease
  • Employee Performance Management. Refine this critical HR function with great evaluation features
  • Advanced Leave/Time off Management. Manage employee’s time off requests with powerful features and highly flexible settings
  • Recruitment. Manage your hiring cycle with ease and professionalism
  • Onboarding & Offboarding. For your essential recruitment or termination tasks, with an easy-to-use central dashboard
  • Time & Attendance Management: Understanding workforce attendance trends and save on time-intensive manual attendance tasks
  • Training Management. Create and manage training courses with HRControl’s training module, and track training progression to against career & succession planning
  • Employee Self-Service. Give your workforce access to, or let staff edit or update, relevant information without involving HR staff.
  • And more…

HRControl Modules

Additionally, HRControl:

  • is based on a multi-modular structure where you decide which modules you need;
  • offers powerful Dashboard & Reporting features for all modules;
  • includes a System Administration & User Roles module packed with tools for an easy-to-manage central administration;
  • is available as a web-based service or as an application installed on your server –both of which are secure and easy-accessible;
  • is easy and quick to install & set-up;
  • requires minimal training;
  • can be customized to fit your business processes;
  • can interact with other systems;
  • is supported by your competent SoftControl support team – expertise at your local Bangkok doorstep and speaks Thai and English.

Speak to one of our friendly HRMS consultants about your HR management challenges and needs, and to find out more about HRControl.

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