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Managing company knowledge in the Knowledge Economy

timcontrol-kidIt is often said, and with good reason, that an organization’s biggest asset are its people. But employee performance requires a match between the job requirements and the existing skills and experiences of an employee. Once in the job, the employee must then be empowered to do well through effective knowledge acquisition and skills training. Further down the line still, this investment into employing someone will only yield the desired long-term results if the person’s knowledge doesn’t evaporate when they leave their position or the company.

Retaining and leveraging a company’s knowledge, both by reducing staff turnover as well as by effective knowledge management, is one of the key determinants of competitive advantage, innovation, and company performance in today’s knowledge-driven marketplace. A modern Learning & Knowledge Management System such as SoftControl’s TIMControl provides powerful solutions to the challenges of managing company knowledge and employee learning. Let’s first look at what these challenges are.

The challenges of poor Knowledge & Learning Management

Many of the companies and organizations we speak to struggle to effectively manage staff turnover, employee training, succession planning and leverage the company’s knowledge into competitive advantage. Only a few examples:

Ineffective, costly & time-consuming learning process

The knowledge and skills taught to new employees commonly reside only in the heads of their trainers or managers, or maybe in old printed materials, or a mixture of distributed files and folders. This results in an ineffective, time-consuming and costly learning process: employees may have to wait for or even miss out on needed skills, or acquire wrong or outdated knowledge. Staff with identical roles but in different locations may face a completely different learning process and content. New staff will take much longer to become productive in their roles. Frustration and disillusion can also result from such a non-standardized, non-centralized & ad-hoc approach to employee learning.

Vicious cycle of knowledge loss and reacquisition

When staff leave their positions, maybe transferring to another department or leaving for another company altogether, their hard won skills and knowledge move with them. Often this knowledge will be lost forever. Also, new employees moving into the vacant position will have to start from scratch trying to make sense of their new role, and again requiring large amounts of their own, their trainers and their managers’ time before they are productive.

Lack of managerial oversight

Managers have little oversight where knowledge and skills reside in the organization. This makes succession-planning and filling open positions difficult and ineffective. A lack of understanding of the current skills levels and training needs of staff, and their progress in their roles, not only affects productivity and job performance, it also prohibits managers to offer meaningful career & development paths.

LMS and KMS Challenges

Welcome to TIMControl – our Learning Management System (LMS) for your 'Knowledge Management Peace of Mind'

SoftControl empowers your organization to revolutionize employee learning and knowledge management. Our solution TIMControl is a centralized Learning Management System (LMS) and a Knowledge Management System that is suited for modern organizations, easy-to-use and easy-to customize, and with excellent support. It is widely used by leading enterprises around the world.
TIMControl allows employee and company knowledge to be captured, structured and easily made available for multiple forms of teaching, learning, collaboration, managerial reporting and strategic decision-making. Our state-of-the-art LMS and Knowledge Management System offers a multitude of benefits, among them:

  • Quality & control: knowledge is centralized, paperless and easily accessed and kept up-to-date
  • Continuity: standardised knowledge transfer between new and transferring staff
  • Structure: knowledge can be layered and structured according to multiple criteria such as organization structure, location, job role, development path etc…
  • Security: knowledge is securely hosted on an enterprise server
  • Accountability: real-time online reports and analysis for managers, supervisors and trainers; enables progress tracking, certifications, skills appraisals, tests and career development.
  • Mobility: shared access and collaboration, available everywhere over company network or internet, and across multiple media, platforms and devices. Powerful communication features
  • Reduced training costs: less time from new to productive employee; standardised trainings across different media; less trainer & manager hours
  • User-friendly: easy to use, easy to customize. Spend time learning the job, not learning to use the tool.
  • Easy scaling: easy and cost-effective expansion.


SoftControl – your trusted Thailand LMS provider

If retaining employee and company knowledge is a concern to you and your organization, speak to one of our knowledgeable LMS and Knowledge Management System experts about your unique challenges. We have the experience to help you get on with business knowing that your company knowledge is securely and effectively managed.

Talk to us and we will help you make your move to knowledge and learning management a success.


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