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Cost-effective, secure & full-of features – the game-changing possibilities of internet telephony & computer telephony integration (CTI)


Traditional telephony - aches & pains of an analog tool in a digital world

The telephone (and its modern communication partner, the email) is still the most pervasive direct communication tool for businesses today, and there are no technologies on the horizon likely to replace neither phone nor email in the foreseeable future.

And yet, traditional landline telephones have now started to fall out of favor with businesses, most obviously because the widespread adoption of smartphones has demonstrated the stark limitations the analog phone. High on the list of traditional fixed phone challenges are

  • high equipment & upgrade costs,
  • inconsistent voice quality,
  • limited features and
  • high calling costs, especially for long-distance and overseas calls.

There are countless companies still operating on a purely legacy system. Because of the radically changed ways that we communicate in this data-and convenience driven digital world, none of these legacy systems still in place are effective on their own these days. In response to this dilemma, companies undertake complicated and expensive enhancements in order to awkwardly connect analog phones to the digital world.

Let’s face it: communicating clearly, reliably and securely is a vital necessity to anyone’s business. The costs and risks of poor quality and inflexible communication are significant. It’s not only loss of income that’s at stake but also loss of reputation and goodwill with the many company stakeholders whom we communicate with, from customers to employees to partners, suppliers and investors. The quality of your communications reflects on the quality of your business, product and service.

Cost-effective, feature-rich and with crystal-clear voice quality – welcome to internet telephony

Considering how the internet has taken over traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ domains as diverse as travel, banking, data storage and even luxury goods shopping (providing these services safely, with great convenience and often much cheaper), it’s surprising that businesses are only now making the switch to internet telephony in large numbers.

Voice over IP converts sound into digital voice data and then transfers it over the internet. It reduces the costs, increases the ease of phone communications significantly and offers huge improvements in mobility, scalability and reliability. The results: gains in productivity that translate directly into revenue increases.

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Unleashing the potential of internet telephony with VoIP application integration

Switching to internet telephony with VoIP offers tangible business benefits. But the potential for serious competitive advantage and bottom-line impact does not stop there, if we introduce computer telephony integration (CTI): combining VoIP with business process applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service, or Human Resource (HR) Management software takes these benefits to a whole new level. Why? How about these two powerful reasons for CTI:

  • Building phone-based capabilities & automation into your critical processes such as CRM, ERP, HR, customer service, document management or learning management increases the power & efficiency of these processes by leaps and bounds
  • Digital information can be stored, processed, measured and turned into real intelligence – combining voice with business process data lets us to use the resulting intelligence as a powerful business management instrument.

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Softcontrol – internet telephony that meets your business needs

At Softcontrol we have the experience and expertise to give you telephony peace of mind. Our IP Phone solutions are based on state-of-the-art VoIP technology that allows its users to make calls using the internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system. This advanced technology is highly cost-effective , full of powerful, easy-to-use features, and offers superior voice clarity, mobility to anywhere with an internet connection, and a quick and hassle-free set-up. We will also help you reap the benefits of computer telephony integration (CTI).

As an IP Phone provider we align out solutions around the following values:

  • Custom-solutions that meet your unique business and functional needs
  • High-quality in both methodology and technologies employed
  • Thailand local solutions & support at your doorstep
  • Security & privacy for your communication needs

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Case Study - Thunder Oilfield adopts SoftControl VoIP solution

Thunder Oilfield

Thunder Oilfield Services provides customized offshore crane management services to clients in the oil & gas industry. The company currently operates out of two facilities strategically located near industry critical hubs in Chonburi-Sattahip (head office) and Songkhla. The company is in the process of opening a Bangkok office, and has plans for expansion to Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Thunder’s employees also operate on client sites and other remote locations in the field. Being in a position to communicate over the phone easily & reliably, no matter where, is now a critical success factor to the business.

As the quality and capabilities of the company’s existing analog PBX phone system was no longer satisfactory, Thunder asked their network administrator to identify an affordable VoiP solution that would allow high quality calls between phones in an office, between facilities and of course with the outside world. The company then turned to Bangkok IT & VoIP specialist SoftControl to advise on and deliver a best fit IP phone solution to Thunder.



Leveraging Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CTI - computer telephony integrationPart 1. A close look at the benefits of application integration

The evolution of customer culture

Today's customers and consumers are indeed picky and spoiled for choice. Customer demands and expectations have diversified and expanded massively in the last ten years – and wise companies have responded by realizing the importance and potential of lead generation and customer retention, as opposed to the traditional focus on simply generating sales.

For many, it makes great business sense to enjoy long-term customer relations, and reach entirely new groups of customers through word-of-mouth endorsement of happy return customers or similar referrals. Successful businesses understand that it's not enough to just have outstanding products or services – the entire sales experience, before, during and after closing the sale must be equally outstanding.

In this paper we take a close look at changing customer expectations and behaviors. We also look at two critical technologies, VoiP and CRM, which have the power to improve the customer experience enormously, and can be a source of differentiation for smart businesses. We then look at the benefits and challenges of integrating these technologies and how to get the most out of what is called "application integration" or "computer telephony integration" or CTI.

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 Part 2. A close look at the benefits of application integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CTICRM solutions have been an ever-increasing presence in the business technology arsenal for a while, and have recently reached new heights of popularity. CRM actually refers not only to a defined technology platform but also to a business philosophy and associated methods to understand customer wants, needs and behaviors, and to target and serve customers better, for better sales and improved retention. Providers of CRM solutions are targeting different market segments with niche-specific features and functionalities.

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The Powerful Integration Potential of VoIP and CRM

CRM-VoIPDynamic Duo - The Powerful Integration Potential of VoIP and CRM

The year is 2015 – and businesses all over the world are flocking to make the switch from traditional analog landline phone systems to Voice-over-IP (VoIP), also known as internet telephony. Why? Because IP telephony reduces the costs and increases the ease of phone communications significantly ... even when the most high-end internet telephony providers are commissioned to provide the service. Apart from costs and call quality, Voice-over-IP offers huge improvements in mobility, scalability and reliability. The results: gains in business process improvements and  productivity that translate directly into revenue increases.

But the potential to leverage Voice-over-IP does not stop there: when combined with customer relationship management (CRM) software, increases in productivity and revenue can go further still. CRM enables an organization to record, access, analyse and report on customer information for powerful benefits that allow more effective targeting, a smoother customer experience, increased customer satisfaction and hence more success with not only closing sales but retaining customers for the long-term.

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Hosted VoIP versus On-Site IP PBX in Thailand

Compare Hosted and On-Site IP PBX for Your Business Telephony in Thailand

Wevoip-icon-100 live in the day and age of fast-speed internet access. Considering how the internet has taken over traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ domains as diverse as travel, banking, data storage and even luxury goods shopping (providing these services safely, with great convenience and often much cheaper), it’s surprising that businesses large and small are only now making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems in large numbers.

Why? Because of VoIP’s reputation for a more flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective substitute for traditional analog phone systems.

Those who consider installing a VoIP phone system in their organization or business need to consider, two options:

  • Hosted VoIP and
  • On-site IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange).

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Lessons from the Sony Hack

sony-hackedDigital communication, no matter in which format or on which platform, can be easily infiltrated and compromised. For another recent example we need look no further than the Sony hack. Not just data such as passwords, or bank and social security numbers are at risk these days, but all electronic conversations and communications, whether business or private - these conversations, conducted under the presumption of confidentiality, are then used by third parties to attack the reputations of the individuals and organizations involved.

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