Application Integration: VoIP + CRM

A dynamic duo for the next level in competitiveness


Competitiveness results from understanding & serving customers better

In a world of increasing competition and more complex customer expectations, the three critical sales activities of

  1. generating leads,
  2. converting them into sales, and
  3. engaging them to create loyal repeat customers

have become equally important. No longer can organizations rely on just closing that first sale. Why? Because smart competitors will work hard to erode your customer base with a level of product differentiation, deep customer knowledge and personalized service that draws and binds today’s picky and spoiled customers. To compete and succeed in all three activities, you must understand and serve customers better than ever before.

CRM & VoIP each provide customer management & communication benefits

Customer Relation Management (CRM) software goes a long way towards helping today’s businesses to serve their customers better. Among other things, it allows organizations to centrally collect client information. This way, representatives, agents, sales teams, managers and others can access and use the information, when engaging with clients, to analyse the data for better understanding of customer needs and behaviors, or to report on many different important performance metrics. Read more about SoftControl’s CRM solution here.

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) allows businesses to make and receive calls over the internet, and enjoy all the benefits that come with digital telephony, such as

  • substantial costs savings,
  • the ability manage calls and call data in ever more sophisticated ways, and
  • the freedom to use your business phone from anywhere with an internet connection.

As technologies go, both CRM and VoIP are now completely mature and widely used in developed countries.

Smart organizations in search of further efficiency gains and new ways to improve the customer experience are now integrating CRM with VoIP through a process called application integration. The possibilities, when implemented carefully and well-planned, are nothing short of revolutionary.

Two major benefits for VoIP & CRM integration

The idea behind integrating VoIP and CRM into a single interface and user experience comes from the potential it holds for influencing two critical determinants of competitiveness: intelligence & speed.

Better Intelligence

Data in digital format can be stored and analyzed in endless way to create real intelligence. Existing data from the CRM can now be used to inform an agent’s phone conversation, while all information entered about and recorded from the voice call can equally be used to understand customer behavior and expectations and improve the experience. Weaving customer account information, call record and activity data into meaningful analytics means you are one step ahead of the competition in understanding and serving customers better.

The results are

  • better employee productivity,
  • quicker response times,
  • increased collaboration, and
  • improve customer satisfaction

More Speed

With CRM and VoIP integrated into one convenient interface, processes can be streamlined, and many steps can be removed from the phone agent’s workflow. Data can be automatically recorded into the CRM instead of having to be manually entered. Click-2-Call saves seconds at a time which adds up to substantial financial savings over time, especially with larger sales teams.

Many other previously manual activities can be automated as well and customers can get the right information even when there is no live voice conversation between agent and customer, for example through various auto-response, caller routing, voicemail and email features. With VoIP and CRM integration, you can expect to:

  • Take and make more customer calls
  • Communicate fast & clearly
  • Improve productivity because of reduced clicks and quick access call up menus
  • Connect customers to the right person quicker and easier
  • Find or display relevant call or customer information at the right time
  • Reduce your data entry cycle
  • Allow staff to make customer calls on the go or from home – making better use to their valuable time even more

Customer retention and revenue growth are directly linked to an organization’s ability to data crunch and communicate efficiently - VoIP and CRM application integration gives you exactly those speed and intelligence improvements that add up to better productivity, happier staff and customers, and increased competitiveness – with immediate and substantial revenue and profit impact.

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