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Have you considered how a network security breach would affect you? 

Imagine a breach of your computer network: if someone else had control over elements in the network, if information went missing or fell into the hands of a competitor or someone else with an interest in doing you and your organization harm…how would it affect you?

Have you considered what would happen if elements of your network stopped working unexpectedly for an hour? For a day? Could you continue functioning as normal? Sounds unlikely. What if your customer-, billing- or financial information became inaccessible or even vanished and showed up in the hands of someone else? What would be the tangible and intangible costs of not doing business for an hour or a day?

News about someone’s server being hacked, identities stolen, or virus bringing down a network, is sadly commonplace today. Industrial espionage has become a priority concern for many companies in today’s competitive environment. The growing list of parties who have an interest in disrupting your network or attaining your information includes hackers, scammers such as identity thieves and cybercriminals but also rival companies, legal adversaries and even governments.

Why threats to network security are getting more complex

As soon as you connect a computer to a network, you need to consider the security of your network. Network security includes not only the security of your company data but also the security and integrity of all computer network components, including hardware and software. It should include the human element – giving people authorization and control of some resources and network elements, while ensuring other areas stay off limits or are kept confidential.

Reason # 1 – Technology is getting more complex and far-reaching

Network security today has become an ever more complex challenge. Part of the reason is the growing sophistication and diversity of technology in use. Cloud-based computing, for example, raises completely new security questions. The increased frequency of network upgrades and changes to network constellation must always be mirrored by parallel security initiatives - any change potentially exposes a network to new security risks, and it follows that networks ought to be designed so that subsequent security interventions can be continually performed by minimal effort and maximum visibility.

Reason # 2 – Security threats are getting more sophisticated & aggressive

Another reason for the complexity of today’s security situation is that the threats are getting increasingly sophisticated, better organized and harder to detect. The skills and resources of hackers are developing just as rapidly as computer technologies and security measures. Virus, spam and phishing attacks are getting smarter and more aggressive. Some form of attacks such as DDos (distributed denial-of-service) are becoming more popular and attacks are getting larger in size.

SoftControl has the expertise to give you 'Network Security Peace of Mind'

The SoftControl computer network team offers the expertise, experience and technologies to keep your network safe from threats.  We understand the nature of modern network threats as well as the diverse strategies for your different hard-and software network layers and specific security needs. Specifically we provide the following security-related solutions & services:

  • IT Maintenance & Health Check
  • IT & Network Audit & Analysis
  • IT System Design, Planning & Consulting
  • IT as a Service
  • Backup & Business Continuity

Our aim is to provide a truly deep level of protection without compromising computer network performance: additional to network design and implementation of modern hard-and software layers to prevent security threats, we also set-up monitoring of your system with inbuilt safeguards, so that attempted breaches become visible and can be dealt with effectively. Finally, we continually upgrade your network’s security features so it doesn’t ever become obsolete.

Network Support Services by SoftControl

The list below previews some of additional tools we use to manage the protection and security of your network:

  • VIPRE Antivirus Business. Next-generation malware protection;
  • GFI EndPointSecurity. Protect your network from portable devices such as USB drives, iPods and smartphones;
  • GFI EventsManager. Event log monitoring, management and archiving made easy;
  • GFI LANguard. Patch management, network security and vulnerability scanner;
  • GFI Network Server Monitor. Automated server and network monitoring made easy;
  • GFI MAXRemote Management. The easy, affordable system for IT support and managed service providers;
  • Safend Auditor. Comprehensive Endpoint Visibility;
  • Safend Protector. Stop Information Leakage through Endpoints and Removable Media;
  • Safend Inspector. Prevent sensitive data leakage through Email, Web, removable storage, and additional data transfer channels;
  • ScriptLogic - Desktop Authority. Desktop management that conforms to your needs.

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