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Introducing M@ilControl – highly secure business email with powerful features …and your mail server hosted in the world’s most private jurisdictions.


The Challenges of Keeping Your Emails Safe

Still by far the most prolific of modern business communication tools, email in the year 2014 faces challenges that, if ignored or handled incompetently, can turn into costly calamities. Due to the continued growth of email as a preferred medium of exchange means email users now regularly include sensitive private or business information in emails, such as financial records, employment contracts, internal company reports, confidential business exchanges, medical records, or even private musings that really ought to stay private.

News about someone’s email account or mail server being hacked, and identities stolen, is commonplace and industrial espionage has become a priority concern for many companies in today’s competitive environment. The growing list of parties who have an interest in attaining your information includes scammers such as identity thieves and cyber criminals but also rival companies, legal adversaries and even governments.

Free public email services and even paid-for email services rarely offer adequate security provisions to give you what SoftControl’s state-of-art email hosting does: the highest possible email security peace of mind.

Secure Email Service from SoftControl

The Benefits of M@ilControl

... State-of-the-Art business email solution.

Our hosted secure email solution M@ilControl combines the most effective technology with a peace of mind operational infrastructure and an in-depth understanding of international laws concerning privacy and security in communications. And naturally, our hosted email solution is packed with all the useful and powerful features that you expect from today’s email. Specifically, you can expect the following cutting-edge features and benefits:


MailControl BenefitsThe ultimate in security, privacy and reliability

M@ilControl makes use of an operational and technological infrastructure with security enforced at multiple levels, with the latest SSL certificates, state-of-the-art 4,096-Bit encryption and other industry best practices implemented by expert engineers and architects. Of course we make encryption seamless for all your internal business email communication, and if required, we can extend this security to your select customers or partners as well.

But being at the forefront of technology is not enough for us: many countries have general data privacy laws which are then undermined by a host of other regulations. We host your emails only in those countries with independent and high-privacy jurisdictions…where wiretaps without court warrants, administrative subpoenas, National Security Letters, secret laws or secret courts are prohibited by law.

And of course we host your mail server in state-of-the-art data centers with multiple network and power connections and 24/7/365 automated monitoring and emergency support for a highly reliable and fast global email service.

MailControl-Office365 Features ComparisionFeature-packed and with great service & support

Hosting your emails with us for maximum privacy and security does not mean you have to sacrifice on features and functionality. You will have web-mail access from anywhere with an internet connection, but of course you can also seamlessly continue to use your preferred email program such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird (via IMAP or POP3), and continue to make use of your I-Pad, iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry and most other devices and operating platforms.M@ilControl also offers the latest in Anti spam and Antivirus protection, and you can use our domain or your own.

Setting up M@ilControl for your company is seamless, hassle-free and fast and will not disrupt your operations or require your users to learn new skills. Our service & support team provides fully customized solutions that meet your specific business & technical emailing needs and are on stand-bye for any urgent inquiries or issues you need help with. When we provide a solution we treat the technologies our customers prefer equally and with the same rigour.

And if you want to see how M@ilControl comes out on top on all counts in an item-by-item comparison with Microsoft’s own hosted email offering, we are more than happy to walk you through the eye-opening details.

SoftControl – Your Global Secure Email Provider At Your Local Doorstep

We help customers globally as well as locally in Thailand to benefit from the world’s most cutting edge email hosting solutions available to both small and large business. And we are not a faceless web-only service but have real people on the ground here in Thailand to meet with you and look at your unique requirements. Yet we then host your data in a highly secure mail server in the most private jurisdictions….the best of both worlds for Thailand and global enterprises alike.

Contact us for an obligations-free chat about how to make your email communications more secure.

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