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Hardware and software - the daunting task of selecting the right mix

Many of the managers we speak to complain about the headaches they suffer when choosing the right hard- and software solutions. Even companies with dedicated in-house IT staff struggle to understand the technical & practical ins and outs of the various products and solutions on offer.

Creating the right eco-system of products that meets your standard as well as your unique business-specific needs, one that is cost-effective, scalable, secure & resilient, easy to integrate, easy to use, while understanding clearly the pros & cons of the various options on offer….that is a task many managers find daunting.

As a provider of dedicated hard- and software services and solutions for more than 20 years, SoftControl supplies a range of professional hardware and software products which have been selected to improve business productivity and security. Combined with SoftControl's expertise and know-how, these cost-effective systems drive convergence of people, process and technology.

We analyze your situation and requirements, including file server, firewall and others, before making a sound recommendation on the right mix of hardware & software that will allow a business-empowering IT environment to be created. As a reseller for quality brands like HP, Dell and GFI in Thailand, we provide a professional foundation for your IT infrastructure.

We differentiate ourselves from other providers in our ability to consistently deliver cost effective, time saving and value driven solutions. As a single point of contact for your hard- and software needs, we take the hassle out of building your quality IT eco-system.

Firewall - finding a product that is right for you

A firewall is the most important piece of equipment protecting your entire network…and yet firewall products are often seen as a commodity, where the only difference is the brand name or apparent price. Many suppliers of these products lure with low-seeming prices; when the product is installed though, many additional features have to be turned on at additional costs, and so the total price can increase significantly.

SoftControl will help you find the right firewall product for your situation, and work with you to identify the right combination of value, sizing, security level, scalability, and support.

File Server - let SoftControl help you choose the right file server

Whether an organization has ten or ten thousand PCs, these PCs all need to communicate and share with one another: they must be able to access shared documents, send documents and print jobs to printers, get access to shared databases and send emails. Servers allow you this collaboration, but have many other roles to play such as network security.

Finding the right file server for your organization is a big decision. There are many product brands and classes of file servers and many more factors need to be taken into account. SoftControl will sit down with you to understand your storage, collaboration and security needs, in the context of your business environment, and make a recommendation based on your current as well as expected future requirements. We also understand the recent hot trends of cloud-based computing and virtualization and will consider these options with you in the context of your file server business needs.


GFI provides powerful, award-winning enterprise-quality IT solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, at affordable prices. GFI products cover the range from cloud-based services to email & messaging solutions to network security, and have been designed to be easy to download, install configure. SoftControl supplies GFI solutions because of their high quality, strong performance and ease-of-use.

GFI FaxMaker: Reduce costs with GFI’s fax server. GFI FaxMaker is a fax server that makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cheaper process. With thousands of customers and numerous awards, GFI FAXmaker is a well-established network fax server software solution It makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cost-effective process and solves the problems associated with manual faxing: printing out the document, walking to the fax machine and waiting for the fax to go through, not to mention the cost of fax machine supplies and repair.

GFI MailArchiver: Email archiving software for small and medium-size businesses. GFI MailArchiver is an email archiving and management solution that addresses storage issues, allows access to archived email at any time and facilitates compliance/eDiscovery requests. GFI MailArchiver stores all your organization’s email in a central location that is easily accessible in three ways: through a folder in your users' Outlook email client (including Outlook 2010), by using a web browser or from supported mobile devices. It integrates closely with Outlook in a first-in-its-class manner, avoiding the use of stub files which other products use.

GFI MAX MailArchive: Hosted services for IT support companies and MSPs. GFI MAX MailArchive is the easy and affordable hosted email archive solution developed specifically for IT support companies and MSPs. Easy to get going and simple to administer, it helps you build recurring revenue and offer affordable high value services to your customers.

GFI BackUp: Easy-to-use backup software with effortless restore. GFI BackUp is a backup and data recovery software solution for your network environment, be it physical or virtual. Use GFI Software’s backup solution to apply your backup and disaster recovery strategy by taking disk image/bare-metal snapshots of your workstations/servers, with ability to restore to different hardware or virtual machines.

CA ARCserve Backup: CA ARCserve Backup delivers industry-leading, enterprise-class data protection for a wide range of operating environments. With extensive management features that work together to help reduce the time you spend managing your backups, CA ARCserve Backup provides “enterprise-class” functionality that is optimized to support your IT architecture, including virtual and cloud-based technologies, no matter how simple or complex your data or your IT infrastructure is.

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