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Checking the pulse of your Information Technology

BN-SC-12-IT Audit & Management

Navigating the IT labyrinth - do you know what’s in place and what state it’s in?

Like so many other human endeavors, an organization’s IT environment tends to grow organically, ad-hoc and with only varying degrees of planning and foresight. Often the current state of IT management and affairs is the result of several decades of growth and change, a labyrinth of hard-and software and network layers, one technology layered upon another. Some were created with in-house expertise, others by outsiders and third parties, some were documented and may still be transparent and decipherable by someone today, other elements maybe be hidden or difficult to assess by your current IT staff.

Managers need to know that their organizations’ IT infrastructure will securely and predictably serve the business needs of the organization, today as well as tomorrow. They also need to know that their IT investment delivers measurable and tangible returns. Finally, managers must have the objective information and clear understanding on which to make sound management and investment decisions.

SoftControl’s 'IT Health Check' empower managers to make sound decisions

SoftControl offers comprehensive 'IT Health Check' audits that address the challenges and needs described above.

IT Health Check by SoftControl

We not only document your current IT environment, we also provide reports and recommendations, for use both by managers and IT staff, in both managerial/non-technical as well as technical terms.

Our reports help managers and organizations understand the current status of their IT eco-system, its risks and its capabilities, from the point of view of the organization’s concrete business and process needs.

What makes a SoftControl IT audit different is

  • Experience - our 20+-year experience creating and managing complex IT environments for global and local organizations in Thailand
  • Business know-how - our ability to understand your business needs and processes first, before we investigate and diagnose your IT management situation and report in that is tailored for your decision making
  • Reach - the comprehensive nature of our audit, covering hardware, software, communications, network, security and business continuity as well as a staff skills assessment
  • Ready solutions - our ability to take the next step and provide all IT advice & services to address any IT system shortcoming or enhancements

Details of Services provided with IT HEALTH CHECK

IT Health Check Services

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Our 'IT Audit' approach: rigour & clarity with your business goals in mind

IT-Health-Check-BenefitsAt SoftControl, we follow a transparent IT audit process, and communicate with you and your IT management team during all stages:

  1. Pre-audit assessment: here one of our IT consultants will sit down with you to understand your business, your processes, your IT goals, critical success factors and IT & network infrastructure methodologies. The result will be a specific understanding of what kind of IT health check you require and what outcomes and information you seek.
  2. IT audit: one or several of our IT consultants will then conduct the audit by visiting your premises, running diagnostic tools over a period of time and collecting relevant data, and then documenting the IT environment, incl.
    1. Hardware inventory
    2. Software inventory
    3. Network & server infrastructure
    4. Security & resilience
  3. Audit report: the final report will include
    1. all documentation and complete inventory of your IT infrastructure
    2. an assessment of critical and potential problems areas
    3. how the state of your IT system shapes up in light of your stated goals and requirements
    4. Concrete recommendations to rectify any IT management and technical problems, and to improve the performance of your IT
  4. Implementation: If and when required, we can help you plan and implement the required changes, with SoftControl’s comprehensive IT management services


For more information, call us directly on +66 2 105-4068 or contact us
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