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Let’s face it ...businesses today are critically dependent on IT business continuity

Long gone are the days when businesses made do with ring binders, typewriters, fixed line phones, notebooks and pens. Today, nearly all aspects of business are enabled by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Data networks, servers, personal computers, emails, electronic files, website, phones, mobile devices …the list of the many ICT components that permeate every aspect of business activity is extensive. With each system upgrade and each critical application or process added, our business becomes more vitally dependent on information technology to operate… and, ultimately, to turn a profit.

The risks & costs of downtime for your processes, data & transactions

IT DownTime CostsHave you considered what would happen if one or several elements of this system stopped working unexpectedly for an hour? For a day? Could you continue functioning as normal? Sounds unlikely. What if your customer or billing information became inaccessible or even vanished? Enjoying state-of-the-art network solutions is great when each element works according to plan, but can you be sure that your processes and technology are available 24/7/365 under all circumstances? 

The real short-and long term costs of downtime can only be understood and estimated when looking at both tangible costs (direct loss of revenue, wages and productivity, legal penalties, remedial labor etc…) and intangible costs (lost business opportunities, loss of staff morale, decrease in stock value, loss of customer/partner goodwill, damage to brand and reputation, losing business to competitors, negative publicity/press etc…).

In view of understanding, in detail, the serious consequences of downtime, for each critical business process, transaction and IT asset, and for each stakeholder in your network of relationships, the need for a comprehensive business continuity management plan becomes apparent.

Leaving no stone unturned to ensure your ICT & network availability

At SoftControl we approach network design and network support from multiple angles. Naturally, our customer’s functional & business requirements are always at the core of the network solutions we implement.  But we have the experience and expertise to pre-empt network downtime by considering all elements in the ICT and network equation that can potentially disrupt for 24/7/365 operations.

Consider the following examples:

Did you know that only 5-10% of downtime is unplanned (for example security violations, corruption of data, power outages, human error, failed upgrades, natural disasters etc…)? This means that the greatest and most cost-effective IT continuity gains can be achieved by rigorously managing and scheduling planned downtime (for example routine daily/weekly maintenance, system upgrades, performance tuning, batch jobs, planned power outages etc…). 

Back-up and disaster recovery are not the only business continuity management strategies we employ. For example, effective network support and maintenance plays a significant role in minimizing both the risk of unplanned downtime and the impact of planned downtime. Equally, our archiving, collaboration and encryption solutions are powerful measures in our effort to guarantee network and ICT availability and reduce security risk.

Many network solutions providers limit their business continuity management considerations to internal ICT elements, that is, those inside the ‘enterprise firewall’, such as servers, desktops and the internal network infrastructure. SoftControl also considers those technologies and tools that make it outside the company walls, such as laptops, phones, mobile devices or email. When was the last time you backed up your laptop? And what would happen if it stopped functioning, got stolen or otherwise compromised?

SoftControl – your Thailand partner for IT continuity

 Call us direct on +66 2 105-4068 or check these pages to find out more about the comprehensive services and solutions we offer:Softcontrol has 20 years’ experience giving Thailand and global businesses the confidence that their business processes, data, transactions and ICT assets can function without interruption. Our network solutions reach beyond traditional network design and network support to include all Information & Communications Technology (ICT) aspects that you need to conduct the activities around which your business is built. We offer you IT continuity peace of mind so you can concentrate on what you excel: your core business.