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How much of your business data lives outside of your enterprise firewall?

While many companies understand how critical it is to protect and backup their server data, usually the same rigour is not extended to individual computers or other mobile devices used by company employees. Often it is assumed that staff save or sync critical documents to the company server. But even strict policies on how to save and backup documents leave plenty of room for individual error and create significant risk to your company data.

Do-You-Know-Where-Data-IsThe nature of how employees handle documents has also changed in the recent past, with serious consequences for the security and confidentiality of company data. Consider these two examples:

  • Workforce mobility has increased rapidly, with new and more powerful forms of connectivity as well as mobile devices and applications empowering staff to carry out work from home, at a customer site, in a café or anywhere else outside the office. How safe is the data help on their laptops and mobile devices? Have you considered the implications of staff connecting outside your company firewall, onto someone else’s network?
  • The popularity of private cloud-based storage and sharing services such as Dropbox has created another new dilemma: many people use these services not only for purposes that are strictly private, but for sharing or storing company- and work-related information. While the benefits of having files and documents available from anywhere with an internet connection are obvious, such conduct also sees your company information outside the security and control of your firewall and company regulations, and often outside even your own country.

Any company data that lives in a private cloud outside your IT and governance control can become exposed to loss, leakage and theft. Without access to an IT controlled backup computer solution risks security and confidentiality breaches and serious business risk.

The three game-changing CloudControl advantages

In response to the need for safe backup computer and cloud storage and sharing services, SoftControl offers CloudControl. This highly secure cloud-based back-up and collaboration service has been designed with both your company control and security needs as well as your staff’s storage and collaboration needs in mind.

Get Back Control On Your DataCloudControl allows all company computer users to get access to a company controlled cloud-based document storage environment, wherever there is access to the internet. When compared to conventional private cloud backup services, CloudControl has three game-changing advantages:

Maximum security & protection:

  • CloudControl can be hosted on your own physical, virtual or private server of your choice. That means data will always be within the security of your company’s firewall and control by your system administrator, even with employees working and collaborating outside of company walls.
  • Powerful control settings allow set-up of specific rules and processes and complete visibility of employee data and document usage, including granular user permissions, expiration dates and other restrictions, both on individual and group level
  • Optionally, a further backup and disaster recovery solution can be added, to permit recovery after 15mins and including data no more than 15mins old – and for even more complete offsite security, you can backup data to SoftControl’s own server for 100% disaster prevention.

Total control:

  • CloudControl gives managers powerful and easy-to-use control features to centrally manage users as individuals or groups, set up authorizations, restrictions, monitoring logs and system health, enabling apps, and many other essential tasks etc…
  • CloudControl integrates into existing user directories, security, governance, monitoring and storage tools and therefore becomes part of your existing infrastructure
  • CloudControl provisioning happens automatically – users are added via an internal or external authentication service. 

Intuitive end user experience:

  • CloudControl lets users store, share and collaborate on content via a web browser or desktop syncing apps for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, or mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • All interfaces are sleep, intuitive and easy-to-use, and provide high degrees of customization and flexibility while on the move, inside or outside the company office
  • Allows access to and easy sharing of files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, music and many other types of data and content
  • CloudControl is feature-rich and offers powerful features such as search, synchronizing, file versioning and history tracking.

SoftControl – your local computer backup & cloud sharing partner

SoftControl has a two decades history of providing local Bangkok and global enterprises with a wide range of IT and communications services. As an alternative to private cloud services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud, etc. we offer a CloudControl – a secure and easily controlled backup and collaboration service with fast set-up and customization times.

We also fully support you and your workforce with our ongoing support & maintenance services for a smooth and hassle-free user experience. Talk to us for an obligation free chat about how CloudControl can empower staff your staff to be more effective while remaining completely within the security and control of our enterprise firewall.

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