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Why Organizations Commission Software Development

Software-Development-1One-size-fits-all Vs. bespoke development

‘Bespoke’ is an expression originating from the tailoring and dressmaking industry. Bespoke garments were those clothes exclusively made for you, or 'spoken for’. Bespoke tailoring requires high levels of skill and craftsmanship, stands for the ultimate in luxury and quality, and is also an acknowledgment of your individuality and uniqueness as a customer. Since those days of custom tailoring the term bespoke has been adopted across many industries, to describe custom-made solutions and services.

‘Bespoke’, or, ‘custom’ software is software that is the opposite of one-size-fits all – software that meets the specific and unique requirements of an organization. What was once your highly skilled and respect tailor, is now your friendly and resourceful software engineer.

Why do organizations have custom software developed?

Every organization is unique and has distinctive requirements, preferences, processes and objectives. There are many steps in their work and business activities that may require to be automated with software. In many cases though off-the-shelf solutions or traditional ERP systems don’t fit these unique requirements or are expensive to implement.

Managers need to get their organizations to work smarter, not harder, and this is where the benefits of intelligently designed software solutions come into play. With an off-the-shelf, standard software package, it’s often difficult to achieve the level of fit and intelligence that unique requirements and processes demand. It’s also unlikely that a standard solution can be customized to the degree required to unleash the diverse and specific benefits sought.

Giving Managers The Clarity

... to make sound software decisions.

Bill-Gates-QuoteHowever, when confronted with a need for automating a particular process with software, managers are faced with many questions:

  • Do we really need software for this situation?
  • Is it feasible and affordable to introduce the solution?
  • Is there actually a technical solution to my requirement?
  • Is there a standard solution or do we need to have software custom developed?
  • Which interdependencies must be considered?

The complexities of today’s global business world, of rapid technological change and of the myriad of potential solutions out there can be a real challenge for a manager whose job it is to make good decisions and get on with business.

SoftControl can help you make these decisions with confidence, and build the right custom software for your business’s unique needs. We have grown and refined our custom software development services for more than 20 years, and we can say with confidence that we have seen it all.

Our software engineers excel at integrating into and building onto existing structures, develop supporting tools or interfaces between systems. Our software outsourcing projects cover a wide range of industries, business functions and diverse technologies. We employ many different technologies and frameworks, including .net. And if standard software would do the job for you, we will tell you and clarify your options.

Custom Software Development Solutions

... for all typical and non-typical business challenges.

Albert-Einshtein-quoteHere are some examples of the type of situations and projects that we can help you with:

  • New ‘made-from-scratch’ software development: improve productivity and build competitive advantage with a brand-new bespoke application (.net and other platforms), designed to grow with your business
  • Custom software integration: we integrate into and build onto existing structures, develop supporting tools or interfaces between systems, to facilitate communication and company-wide access to otherwise disparate information and processes
  • Legacy systems: we help you get the best out of your existing infrastructure, increase your systems efficiency or help you overcome limitations to your growth. This can mean we upgrade or enhance your system, integrate new into old structures, or help you retire an old system without business interruption
  • Project rescue & recovery: we help companies that are left with an inherited, under-delivered solution. Stuck with a recent development that really does not meet your needs? A SoftControl software engineer can find and illuminate the problem areas and find a solution so you don’t have to start again
  • Software application support: Are some of your applications critical to your organization? We can be there to safeguard that your system will be reliable, and help you quickly should a problem occur
  • System maintenance & enhancement: We ensure that your applications continue to meet your business needs, today and tomorrow. Our software engineer will keep your systems running smoothly and help you enhance, improve and future-proof them.

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