Our service: offshore software development

Softcontrol - trusted advice, concept-development and implementation of your best-fit custom software solution.

Our service: offshore software development

Tired of Your Green-Screen Business Management System?

... Sick of paying licensing fees for your legacy systems every period?

“Good seeds sprout in good ground” - your business also needs the good start that can be provided by professional IT software development. At SoftControl, we specialize in offshore software development, giving our clients valuable and qualified solutions adapted to various needs, as well as offering standardized software outsourcing services. Enabling effective research, adaptation, and technological development, we provide cost-effective and customized products that help run your business more productively, and profitably.

Our IT proactive experts
Our offshore software development team generates profitable solutions, detailed and matched to our clients’ needs, under budget and protected from IT risks with our IT Health Check service. Our onsite work team is fully staffed and never out of reach—no matter what. Our proven team of IT experts work in collaboration and share new prospects of outsourcing software development offshore.
Our versatile processes include:

  • Expat based Consultancy and System Analysis
  • Thailand-based German-managed software development and documentation services.

From the beginning of every project, we will work with you to outline the risks of any major changes, and through clear communication and directed project management we will proactively avoid project downsides. With the effective offshore software development and our comprehensive analysis services, we will conceptualize your information management needs by advancing innovative solutions and providing the optimal outcome for your offshore software development needs.

Our Software Development Process

We design our bespoke software applications to best meet the realties of your business and cost requirements. We initiate our consulting process by giving you a clear vision of every step in the process, while integrating our IT solutions into the core of your business.  We typically deliver solutions using the following standard service platforms:

  • Microsoft.Net
  • ASP.Net
  • VB.Net
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2


Our end-to-end outsourcing process.

Our internal business processes are formalized to provide you with a high quality and specialized IT solutions. We always welcome our clients to independently track and verify the standard work cycle of any project undertaken:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Software Advancement
  3. Testing & Documentation
  4. Project Handover

We don’t bill by the hour—you are offered with fixed contract pricing as a measure of the confidence we have in the productivity and reliability of our team. By providing innovation as a service, you can rest assured that our solutions will meet your exact business needs, and minimize organizational waste, without risking a hefty bill for development services.

Our Foundation For Success

... project Initiation.

From the beginning, our team will work with you to develop feasible solutions and determine the best way to implement your offshore software development needs. The experts at SoftControl have been pioneers in the IT industry since the early 80’s, and based in Asia since 1993. Our team members will perform a site audit of your firm to assess the situation, and understand the business fundamentals. Most importantly, we will work with you draft your project’s requirements document.
Specifications found will be rated. We are meticulous, and will use our dedication to performance to fully understand your needs and situation and recommend a software and architecture solution that converges on your needs and budget.

During this stage, we will work with you to:

  • Determine System and Component Architecture
  • Develop Requirements Document
  • Document Software Communication Protocols
  • Finalize Pricing

The Fixed Price Contract

Our pricing proposal will include an estimated return on investment to maximize your profit, with the security and confidence of a fixed price contract.

For access  to your own offshored sofrware development solution, call us directly on +66 2 105-4068 or contact us