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Online Content Marketing

Online Content Marketing

... is replacing traditional marketing.

Customer's Perception Is RealityThe traditional world of online marketing is being disrupted and revolutionized by online content marketing. Many target audiences are becoming less and less receptive to traditional forms of marketing such as advertising. Today’s online consumers know how to surf the web, consume relevant content while ignoring banners, buttons and other forms of attention-seeking promotion.
Out of this trend, content marketing has grown to engage with audiences in new, more effective and more beneficial ways. So what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Increasing numbers of businesses are developing online content strategies and are using content marketing to provide relevant and valuable non-advertising information to customers to create customer attention and loyalty. Great online marketing creates direct and indirect attention: it has the dual benefit of engaging the customer intellectually and emotionally with your brand, as well as driving traffic to your website through improving your Google, Bing and other search engine rankings.
However, the elements that contribute to great search engine rankings and to real customer engagement and conversion are not only increasingly complex, but the online marketing rules, standards and best practices also change frequently. Often, companies only tackle one or two of elements responsible for effective content marketing and good search engine rankings. This leaves many websites seriously underperforming. SoftControl can turn this around for you.

Onsite vs. Offsite

... search engine marketing.

Online Content Maketing QuoteIn the world of online marketing we distinguish between onsite and offsite content. Both forms of content are equally responsible for contributing how search engines rank their site for particular keywords.

Onsite is of course all the content and information contained on your actual website, both the information visible to the website visitor but also invisible content-related information such as HTML code and meta-tags. It also includes the way web content is structured and presented.

Offsite content is content found elsewhere on the web that links back to your site. This includes content networks, directories, category blogs and social media. If and think your site is worth linking to, then the search engines reward you with high marks which translates to better search engine rankings.

SoftControl’s Online Marketing Services

... for measurable search engine results.

SEO QuoteHere at SoftControl we help you fine-tune both your onsite and offsite for optimized search engine marketing results. We usually start with a website health check which:

  • Shows you how your sites fares against the most important and relevant factors driving search engine rankings
  • Exposes the important technical factors
  • Considers both on-and off-page factors
  • Reveals how you perform against competitors
  • Shows your performance on social media sites
  • Uses concrete & comparable measures
  • Interprets for you what the website analysis results mean, in clear non-technical language
  • Makes specific recommendations on how to improve your rankings with steps that can immediately be implemented.

We then provide the expertise and services to help you implement the report’s online content recommendations with you. Our online search engine marketing experts will draw up a plan with you which targets ALL the important factors, onsite as well as offsite that will bring customer engagement as well as search engine results, from how the content on the website is presented to creating backlinks and buzz on content networks and directories, category blogs and social media.

The real strength of our approach is the use of analytics tools to continuously measure and then re-adjust and fine-tune for continuously improving results that reflect the fast-changing online marketing landscape.

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