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The Transient World of Web Wesign

Design Quote of Steve JobsIn web design, the scope of best practice and technical possibilities changes often and regularly, sometimes in subtle, sometimes in radical ways. The work of a skilled web designer is characterized by transience, as requirements and practices change every year or two. Some of the web design elements that regularly undergo such changes are window widths, screen resolutions, user preferences, users’ installed fonts, and many others, and good designers should be skillful at staying on top of these changes. Some of these changes are driven by new technological development, some by user and customer expectations and behaviors.

In recent years, the explosive growth of smartphone and mobile device usage has led to the responsive website design concept. Responsive design means that, instead of burdening developers and users with different website designs for different resolutions, devices and platforms, one website design that works for your laptop, your smart- or iPhone, your Blackberry, your iPad, Kindle, etc…

Five Trends

... that mean mobile website usage is exploding.

After mWeb Browsing Facts 2014obile sales surpassed desktop sales, now in many countries web traffic from mobile devices has surpassed that from desktop computers, with significant design implications. Consider these four trends:

  1. The desktop market is being decimated by rapid growth of mobile device sales;
  2. Devices are becoming more capable and less expensive;
  3. We’re using mobile for more than just email & games…but for the whole spectrum of online usage from social networking to online banking to browsing for and buying products and services;
  4. Users not only use search on mobile devices while on the go, but even when at home or in the vicinity of a desktop computer;
  5. eCommerce on mobiles is on the rise.

In either case, more users now expect to use and interact with websites and internet content on more device types, and in more ways, than ever before. Research shows that customers who have a bad online experience on their mobile will quickly move on to another site. Your competitors may well already offer a mobile web experience,….and so this means a responsive website or mobile website is no longer optional, at least if you

  • don’t want to alienate a large percentage of your website visitors;
  • lose traffic;
  • and ultimately business. 

It is simple – being mobile means business. On for your brand presence to be mobile, you need responsive design. SoftControl can help.

SoftControl Offers You Responsive Design

... built around your unique aspirations

Responsive DesignResponsive design is an entirely different design approach and methodology than traditional web design. This umbrella term actually refers to many diverse tools, techniques, workflows, and resources that achieve one result: using and engaging with websites across different devices and screen resolutions.

In many cases, there are a variety of design solutions to make an existing design responsive. Good developers understand both the design and technical possibilities and ensure the responsive site always delights users without losing its impact and intended purpose. Many designers now even follow ‘mobile first’ approach where the smartphone experience is tackled first and the larger (and now second-or third-ranking) platforms later.

SoftControl’s team of web designers and web developers have the skills and experience to:

  • create a fully responsive design and great-looking website for you, for all platforms and devices;
  • ensure your brand presence remains loud, clear and consistent online;
  • eliminate the need for a separate mobile site - saving time and money;
  • understand your unique business and web strategy and translate your online aspirations into a rock-solid mobile design.

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