Web Programming

Website Development in the age of change

Web Programming

Solving the functional and technical challenges of web strategy success

Your website is the quickest and often most direct way to showcase your brand. Your site speaks not only to customers, but prospective employees, partners, suppliers, investors & shareholders, competitors, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders. Ideally, design, layout, navigational structure, functionality and content should come together as a harmonious and powerful branding vehicle to attract and engage your audience and convert into sales.

Many factors play a role in how successfully your website contributes towards realizing your web strategy:

  • How seamlessly integrated and functional are your e-commerce, multimedia features or mobile apps?
  • Can you easily update and change content without great technical expertise?
  • How does your site perform across different browsers and mobile devices?
  • How secure is the site from external threats?  
  • How scalable is the site?

All of the factors above depend in one way or another on the internal programming engine that makes your site come alive, and thus, website development and web programming are key to web strategy success.

Balancing business continuity with technological complexity

As with many other technological areas of knowledge, web programming as a discipline is never static. In fact, the rates of change seem to always accelerate. New consumer needs and behaviors, new technologies and benchmarks, changing best practices and better ways of doing things keep those responsible for web strategy on their toes, and hence increase the need for expert and up-to-date website development services.

Managers need to get on with business. They don’t have the time to investigate and understand the details of each technology change and new web trend. Yet, they also cannot afford to affront visitors with an unappealing, dated or hard-to-use website, as this would negatively affect their brand and web strategy.

The secret to success is balancing the need for business continuity with a rapidly changing technological and business environment.  SoftControl understands both business and technology – we always look at our customers’ business needs and web strategy before providing the right mix of management advice and expert web programming services.  

Our efforts are single-mindedly aimed at one outcome: to allow our customers to meet the competitive requirements of their web strategy, and to attract, engage and convert their target audiences. Web programming is a key factor in bringing this goal to live.

SoftControl’s range of web development services

Our highly experienced and talented web programmers take pride in their sound technological grounding, their exposure to diverse and challenging development projects, their strong track record, and their dedication to the highest levels of service, care and professionalism. In the face of an ever-changing technological and business environment, we bring clarity and rigour to website development through sound and transparent methodologies, technological flexibility, regular customer communication and ongoing skills development.

Here are some of the areas of web programming expertise that SoftControl excels at:

  • Custom Enterprise Websites: we build your new and state-of-the-art website from scratch and according to your needs and business requirements. In this process we sit down with you and understand or help clarify your web strategy first, before we propose and develop a website that empowers and extends your online presence;
  • Website Recovery: is your website outdated and hasn’t grown with your business requirements? We can analyze the status of you existing web presence, rectify issues and bring your web presence into the future;
  • Web Application Development including Intranet: instead of traditional desktop application, today many businesses prefer to work with web applications. These have many benefits including offsite or cloud hosting, and the ability to work and collaborate from any location with internet access. We build both custom applications as well as integrate standard tools, and our expertise includes many common business processes, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), inventory management, job or workflow management systems to Human Resource Management, Document Management and Learning Management Systems;
  • Mobile Apps: the growth of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphone has radically altered the way develop, present and use applications. SoftControl has the experience and expertise to enable you to connect with customers with cross-platform mobile applications;
  • eCommerce and Online Catalogues:  If your web strategy is to develop new revenue stream through online sales, let us help you develop the right eCommerce or interactive online catalogue platform for you;
  • Content Management Systems (CMS):  To keep web visitors engaged with relevant and up-to-date information, it is imperative that content can be changed easily, by your own staff. For this purpose, SoftControl can build you and easy-to-use, intuitive and feature-rich Content Management System that lets your non-technical staff update any type of content in a breeze.

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