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Let's Talk About Your Website

... the times they are a-changing, yet some things stay the same.

Lets-Talk-About-WebsiteFor most businesses and organizations today it is nearly impossible to im

agine life without a website. And the scope of best practice and technical possibilities has dramatically expanded, even compared to a few years ago. So have user and customer expectations and behaviors. Two illustrative examples:

  • The explosion of smartphones and mobile devices means a responsive website or even mobile website is no longer optional… at least if you don’t want to alienate and lose a large percentage of visitors to your site.
  • The dynamics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are always evolving as Google and other search engines change the rules by which search results get ranked. Regrettably, the SEO services you commissioned last year no longer ensure your search engine rankings.

What has not changed is the need for your website to meet the requirements of your online strategy. Unchanged too is the simple fact that your website is probably the only platform that presents your identity and values to ALL stakeholders equally, including customers, partners, suppliers, investors, shareholders, employees , job candidates, regulatory agencies and even competitors.

Can you afford to affront visitors with an unappealing, dated or hard-to-use website, and what would this say about your business values?

Helping Your Web Strategy Come to Life

... with the right technical solutions.

Small, middium and large businesses and organizations have three major goals for their website:

  1. Attraction: more traffic to your website
  2. Conversion: more leads, sales and inquiries
  3. Engagement: create ongoing communication and loyalty

Towards these three goals lead a multitude of web strategies unique to each individual business. Consider these situations:

  • Are you primarily a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or a Business-to-Business (B2B) operation?
  • Is your business built on high-volume transactions & eCommerce or do you offer high quality, regularly updated information through a Content Management System?
  • Do you need to attract new customer traffic to your site and require up-to-date SEO services?
  • Or maybe you want to relieve your sales & customer service team by giving customers the option to peruse your user-friendly and informative site for standard and repetitive inquiries?

B2B abd B2C Website Considerations

The technical considerations and web development solutions utilized will be distinctly different for each strategy employed. Like few others in Thailand, Softcontrol’s highly experienced team of web designers & developers understand how your diverse web strategies are enabled by smart digital and technological solutions, regardless of which business you are in.

The SoftControl Approach

... to helping you succeed online.

We follow a comprehensive and methodical process with the singular aim of helping you succeed online and attract, convert and engage your online audience.

  1. SoftControl Web ServicesStrategic Alignment: Audit & Consulting. Whether you need a website built from scratch or an existing one improved, updated or expanded, we usually start by taking an in-depth look at your goals and proposed web strategies. We then map your strategic requirements against a best practice development and support plan. Get this planning stage right, and the pieces of the puzzle usually fall into place later. We also offer a comprehensive Web Health Check service, which is a detailed analysis of errors and issues, and a report with improvement proposals.

  2. Implementation: Web Design & Web Development. Our web design team understands both the aesthetic as well as functional requirements that will resonate with your target audience. Good design should drive action and generate brand awareness and goodwill. In many countries web traffic from mobile devices has surpassed that from desktop computers, with significant design implications; we will help you step into the mobile world and build a responsive website for you, so that your visitors can interact with your site on any smartphone or mobile device. Our Web Development team understand all of the programming and technological tricks of the trade to develop just about any website you might want. We can build from the ground up, and ensure your site is future-proof and scalable.

  3. Maintenance: SEO & Support: To ensure your site always operates according to plan, we can be your trusted support partner, always available to mend issues, provide performance reports, help with updates or improve search engine performance with our on-going SEO services.

For more information, contact us, call us directly on +66 2 105 -068 or check these pages to find out more about our specific Web Development services.